What we do

We test for 950 different allergies, we also test for toxicity in the body such as Candida, parasites old infections e.t.c.

Most people who come to see us have something specific they are looking for a solution for such as stomach problems which could be caused by eating the wrong foods or a build up of Candida,. Other people will come with a skin rash which could be caused by something they are using on a regular basis. We then recommend a course of action to remedy the problem which can include taking a detox to clear out the system of whatever toxicity shows up.

We use Kinesiology as our test method and have been using this method for the last fifteen years.
Over the years we have tried different methods of testing and we have always gone back to the Kinesiology because the results are the most reliable.

With the blood test and any of the others out there, they will give you a list of allergies but they will not test for any infections that people may have.

The test takes around a half an hour.

We also do Hair Sample Allergy testing where we send you out a pack and you put your hair sample into it and when we get it back we test it and will then phone you with the results at a time that suits you best. The results are the very same as if you were in the clinic.