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Amber Clinic
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 by Andrea Walsh
People noticed a huge improvement in my skin and also commented that I had lost weight

I first visited The Amber Centre in April 2008 to find out if I had any food intolerances. I had a suspicion that I was intolerant to dairy but needed it clarified by a professional. It turned out I was intolerant to a list of foods and beverages; coffee, oranges, tomatoes, cheese, wheat, potatoes, milk. When I changed my diet I noticed the difference straight away. Dairy products were also causing some sinus problems and that cleared up.

I also discovered that my system was sluggish and that were causing my metabolism to slow down, lymph system to be sluggish and skin to be spotty and dry.

Alma advised that I increase my exercise by simply walking every day and this aids in moving your lymph system (I have a lung condition which is all connected with the lymph). I was also told to increase my oily fish intake and took Fish Oils for a few months to boost my levels. I was also given homeopathic drops. These were simply mixed with water and drank throughout the day.

People noticed a huge improvement in my skin and also commented that I had lost weight. If I stray from the food diet I notice that I get sinus problems and my skin breaks out and milky chocolate actually makes me feel sick now. If I ate anything tomato or orange based it would give me terrible heartburn so I stick to the diet as best I can. It’s not worth feeling sick to eat something you could have probably done without in the first place. Supermarkets are getting better in the alternative foods that they stock although they are really overpriced when it comes to bread, cereals, etc.

It could be something as simple as eating the wrong foods or having a sluggish system that is causing you problems, then I would recommend a visit to The Amber Centre.

 by Rachel - Roscommon
Thanks to the Amber clinic I feel wonderful and healthy

The Amber Clinic has made a huge change to my life. I have suffered for years since I was about 7 years of age from allergies and hay fever. Summers for me were awful, my eyes swollen and puffy, and the itchiness was dreadful, my nose running and my mouth dry and itchy. Every year I got an injection which helped for a while but not for long. I heard about the Amber clinic from another local girl and I went with not much hope, I had tried many solutions over the years. So after a few months I started to notice a change, and the summer came and went without me having to get the injection. I was able to enjoy the summer again.

I also had a lot of problems with my stomach, no appetite and stomach cramps a lot. This made me very thin and with no energy. The Amber clinic changed all this for me, and now I am eating all around me and at a normal weight. My energy levels are now normal and in general I feel brilliant.

I was so long suffering with my stomach and allergies I didn’t realise what it felt like to be healthy and now thanks to the Amber clinic I feel wonderful and healthy. A new lease of life!!!!