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How’s that weight loss plan going? Are you yo-yoing? Hungry? Feeling lethargic or have you succumbed and reached the bottom of the biscuit tin already.

Even the most dedicated person following an ideal weight loss programme can struggle to get through the day without giving-in to cravings and nagging hunger pains.

Let’s talk nutrition and describe a word that’s crucial in weight loss – Metabolism.
Your body needs adequate protein daily to stay strong and healthy. Amber Weight Loss plan that allows you to personalise your protein intake. By consuming the correct amount of protein for your body you can help maintain lean muscle mass which increases your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

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This is one of the most generous, most effective weight-control programmes you are ever going to try, and it will be the last you will ever need!
There’s no starving yourself or calorie counting and no more yo-yo dieting.” Nutritional experts concentrate on correcting nutritional intake and perfecting the balance and energy requirements of the body. When this is happening, body weight naturally and gently reduces to your ideal weight, yo-yo diets tend to starve the individual, upset the body’s systems and cause deficiency-related problems.

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