Hair Sample Allergy Testing


We have developed this hair allergy testing a few years ago, because we have clients from all over the country and it was not always possible for them to travel to see us and less expensive on them not having to take a day off work and the expense of driving to us.

The results of the hair sample test are the very same as you coming to our clinic. You will be tested for the 950+ different allergies and also tested for and Mineral & Vitamin deficiencies and Toxins present in your body. We have lots of hair sample clients suffering from Skin, Weight, Anxiety, Headaches, Depression, Low Energy, problems and they are getting really great results from our treatment.

Hair sample steps:

  • 1. Pay online
  • 2. We post you out a hair collection pack
  • 3. You post the hair sample back to Amber Clinic
  • 4. When we have the results we then Phone you with the results and to do the consultation over the phone
  • 5. We will also email or post the results
  • Please phone at any stage if you need any more information

If you are having any problems phone 086 8100357 / 04493-44388 and we can take payment over the phone

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does it matter if my hair is died?

A. No, it will not affect the results of the test.

Q. Do I need to pull the hair from the root?

A. No you only have to cut a few strands out.

Q. Are the results the same as if I came to the clinic?

A. Yes the results are 100% the same.

Q. Can children be tested?

A. Yes we test lots of children

Q. Will the hair sample testing help with weight loss?

A. Yes we have lots of clients who are getting great results losing weight.

Q. Can I send a hair sample if I live outside Ireland?

A. Yes we have clients in UK, USA, Australia, Spain, and Switzerland.

Q. What is the price of the test?

A. The price is normally €120 but we have an online offer of €95

If you are having any problems phone 086 380 5921 / 04493-44388 and we can take payment over the phone

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