Thank you Alma

“In August of 2005 I contracted a virus apparently from a cut on my ankle. After 2 days I attended my local GP and he transferred me to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Hospital. They treated me with a course of antibiotics via tablet and injection. I improved after this treatment, but a week or so later I took quite a dramatic turn for the worse. All my joints started to seize up and would be left immobile.

A friend then recommended that I visit Amber Clinic for a consultation. I made an appointment and was seen by Alma. She suggested a course of Herbal remedies that I was to take absolutely as prescribed. The remedies arrived extremely promptly, much to my surprise, and I started it immediately. I was told that it would take probably 6 months for the remedies to clear my system.

At this time I was still taking a very high dose of steroids, but as the natural remedies took effect, the doctor found that he was able to reduce the steroids. 
Now we are in June 2006 and I am completely free from steroids and have made a full recovery.

I would highly recommend anyone with a health problem, particularly of the nature I had, to seek out assistance from Amber Clinic. I found them to be utterly professional and caring, keeping in contact with me during appointments to check on my progress. I am so happy to have my health in good order and be able to enjoy my life and work. Up until this point, life was very much a misery being unable to do my work and function at a normal pace.
Thank you ALMA!!!”