With Alma we finally got the allergy test we wanted

I’m a mother of two year old boy Tristan, who at 19 months old was diagnosed by Alma having a massive Candida infection giving rise to a sluggish bowel, very high toxicity and immune system at only 23%.

Since Tristan was born we knew that something wasn’t right, constant diarrhea giving very bad nappys, excessive wind, lack of appetite, womiting, tiredness from lack of sleep and massive anxiety and irritability. We visited so many GP’s and pediatrician’s yet nobody could help us, nobody could give us an answer. In short, it was a nightmare for both us a parents and more importantly for Tristan.

We were told he was colicky by one paediatrician, silent reflux from another, teething by GP( I guess Tristan was teething then from the day one he was born….) We asked about different formulas, to which we were told they were all the same it didn’t matter. We asked should we get an allergy test because from our own experience with a previous child we knew that wasn’t colic.

We felt let down by all those doctors but then, when my patience was almost gone, I found the Amber Clinic. That was one of the happiest days of my life.

Alma is a very kind and pleasant woman, for the first time I really felt like someone listened to me, answered my questions. With Alma we finally got the allergy test we wanted, which showed how terrible the infection had become and how poor his immune system really was. As parents we were shocked and relieved to finally have the answers we wanted and knowledge on how to make it all right. With Almas support, a change in diet and hemeophathy remedies Tristans immune system has jumped from a low 23% to 56% ! Diarrhea has disappeared, wind and womiting has stopped, his appetite has improved, sleeps better, less anxious, overall a massive change.

I cant find a words to describe how grateful we are to Alma. Its along way to go yet but there is no better feeling for any parent to know that your child is getting better. The difference between last few months with Almas help and the first 19 months is unbelievable. We hope this post will be a help to anyone going through something similar and help them to find solution with Alma like we did.

Thank You Alma !

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