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Amber Clinic
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 by Maria C

One day while flicking through the newspaper I came across an advertisement for The Amber Centre. I was curious at first but ignored it. Sometime later I saw the same advertisement and thought maybe this is for me.

Having spent 36 years of my life suffering with my stomach I couldn't lose. I've had all the recommended tests done several times and at several hospitals taken all the prescribed drugs and seldom got any sustained relief. Was never free of pain and bloating.

My first visit to see Alma Green at the Amber Centre revealed I had some allergies which could be helped by being careful with myself. I've also received supplements which will help. After only one treatment I was starting to feel better. The burning pain eased for the first time in years and the horrible bloating which dictated I wear one size clothing AM and another PM was now gone. Life is good now. Thanks to Alma I am a much happier person these days.

I would highly recommend the Amber Centre.

 by Ann

After months of agonising back pain and attending my doctor up to 3 times a week for medication I was put on for sciatica, I attended The Amber Centre. Alma did the allergy test and explained that the pain I was in was from my hip bone being out of place. This was put back in place along with a bone in my neck and I got relief immediately. I was given courses of drops over the period of a few months and haven't looked back since. Medical professionals were suggesting an operation as medication wasn't working. Thankfully I didn't need to have this.

 by Cora O'C

My son, Jarlath, suffered from hay fever from a very young age. In particular, it was very difficult for him on School Sports Days as he could not participate due to streaming, sore, itchy eyes.

Jarlath attended The Amber Centre and was immediately put on a course of remedies to treat his hay fever. He continued on the treatments for three months. At this stage,his immunity had significantly improved.

Jarlath is looking forward to spending the summer outdoors this year!

 by Rachel

The Amber Centre has made a huge change to my life. I have suffered for years since I was about 7 years of age from allergies and hay fever. Summers for me were awful, my eyes swollen and puffy, and the itchiness was dreadful, my nose running and my mouth dry and itchy. Every year I got an injection which helped for a while but not for long. I heard about the Amber clinic from another local girl and I went with not much hope, I had tried many solutions over the years. So after a few months I started to notice a change, and the summer came and went without me having to get the injection. I was able to enjoy the summer again.

I also had a lot of problems with my stomach, no appetite and stomach cramps a lot. This made me very thin and with no energy. The Amber clinic changed all this for me, and now I am eating all around me and at a normal weight. My energy levels are now normal and in general I feel brilliant.

I was so long suffering with my stomach and allergies I didn't realise what it felt like to be healthy and now thanks to the Amber clinic I feel wonderful and healthy. A new lease of life!!!!

 by Joe B

When I retired, in my sixties, I accepted that broken sleep, regular colds and infections, and reduced energy levels, were all part and parcel of getting older. However, after six visits to The Amber Centre, my quality of life has improved immensely. Within a short time of taking the remedies prescribed, I began to feel better. Now, my quality of life has improved so much that, though it sounds like a cliché, I feel so much younger. I find that when I go hill-walking, on my return, I could very well turn around and go again. How good is that?

The Amber Centre doesn't just work for the elderly. It was the constant colds and infections my six year old grand-daughter suffered the winter before last which prompted me to respond to an ad I saw for the Amber Centre. Her G.P. had consistently diagnosed viral infections, but seemingly could do nothing for her. Occasionally, an antibiotic was prescribed, to no effect. The Amber Centre identified a weak immune system and low energy levels. Her treatment has resulted in her coming through what could be described as the coldest winter for some time with only one cold, and that was quickly sorted. Swimming lessons were uninterrupted for the winter. Score two for The Amber Centre. Thank you.

 by Geraldine

I was feeling very tired all the time, very stressed and no energy at all. I saw Alma and she treated me for it. I have my energy back now and I feel great. All thanks to Alma I have my health back to normal

 by Sean Gallagher

I was an ambulance driver and had to retire owing to Eczema and back pain. I put in a terrible few years in that time.

A friend of mine told me about her sister having similar problems and got great results from the Amber Clinic in Mullingar.

I thought I will try anything to get help. So thanks to Alma and her team in the Clinic I got great results and got completely cleared of the Eczema of my body. That was six years ago now again in the last year I got arthritis in my hands. They became swollen and disfigured. I went back to the Amber Clinic and thank God again, I have had great results after four months of treatment. I can now play my guitar and my hands are back to normal. I am very grateful for the help from Alma at the Amber Clinic.

 by Kate

I have always suffered with digestive problems, feeling below par most of the time.

During the last seven years I have given up more and more foods (dairy, gluten, etc.) in the hope that I would feel better, but symptoms just got progressively worse. Visits to my GP and various tests gave no satisfactory answers.

Just over a year ago, I looked on the internet for Allergy Testing and came across Alma and The Amber Centre. I made an appointment and at my first visit Alma said I had a build up of toxicity, amongst other things. Within 4-5 months I was back eating all foods again with no adverse reactions. As I progressed on my treatment more toxicity surfaced, which Alma subsequently treated. I now feel the best that I have in years and can eat all foods with no adverse reactions. My quality of life has improved dramatically all thanks to Alma and The Amber Centre. Thank you!

 by Gillian H

It was by chance that an incorrect telephone number led me to telephone Amber Clinic, which was to change my life from the misery I have experienced for the past 22 years. A lady, Alma, who was so gentle and listened to me without making any judgement, answered me. An appointment was made for me to attend in five days time which, though excited, made me a little apprehensive. For the past 22 years I have gone to numerous Doctors, Clinics etc., but have never received any help like the attention which I received from this first telephone call.

I nervously met with Alma on my first appointment, explained how stupid I felt but was astounded by the way Alma did not judge me, nor agree with me, but ensured I left her clinic feeling like a new woman & looking forward to the future and feeling somebody did eventually understand my troubles and did not judge me, but understood exactly what I was saying.

A total feeling of calmness and serenity has from day one been with me and, to-date, I have had three appointments with Alma and can always see the light at the end of the tunnel instead of the black tunnel, which has been with me for the past 22 years.

I highly recommend Alma and the Amber Clinic and, not only have I met someone who has changed my life for the better, but also a true friend in Alma.

I would like to thank Alma for all her help and assistance and wish her every success for the future.

 by Michelle

For a long time I was suffering with kidney infections/cystitis and generally feeling unwell. I was taking antibiotics regularly and felt this was compromising my health in general and was not getting to the root of the problem. As a 28 year old girl this became very frustrating for me.

I read about allergy testing on the internet and decided to make an appointment to see Alma @ The Amber Clinic. I had to take homeopathic drops in water every day for a month and go back for another visit. I found taking the drops so easy and there was no taste off them either. Each time I returned I was feeling better.

I would say it took 4 months of treatment before I noticed a big difference. On my 6th visit I really was feeling the best I had in years. Alma then informed me that I was finished the treatment.

I have to go back in 12 months for a check up. I am so grateful to Alma for her professional expert work and highly recommend her. Thank you Alma!

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