Allergy Testing


This information is for informational purposes only, and is not intended in any way to be construed as medical advice. Please check with your registered medical practitioner prior to taking any of these courses of action or remedies, especially if you are pregnant, are currently taking medication of any type, or if you have any doubts whatsoever about using any of the recipes, remedies or recommendations listed.

We never recommend you to stop using your orthodox medicines.

Allergy Testing

Do You Suffer with Any Of The Following?

  • Watery eyes or excessive sneezing
  • Skin irritation
  • Stomach bloating or embarrassing wind
  • Recurring unexplained symptoms
  • Always tired or low energy
  • If so get tested for 950 different Allergies.

These symptoms could be aggravated by having toxins present in the body such as:

  • Candida
  • Parasites
  • Yeast & Fugal overgrowths
  • Heavy Metal toxicity
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Hormonal imbalances

Candida: A type of yeast that lives in all of us. When your immune system is working properly, the amount of Candida in your body is kept in balance. When your immune system is compromised, or other factors occur such as consuming unhealthy amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, the Candida can grow out of control.

Here are some of the symptoms of Candida overgrowth:

  • Frequent stomach pains and digestion problems
  • Skin problems
  • Foggy brain
  • Constant tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Intense cravings for sugars, sweets, and breads
  • Itchy skin

Parasites: There are many different types of parasites and the most persistent can cause diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, wind, loss of appetite, nausea etc.

Fungal infections: Can manifest in different parts of the body and depending on the infected area the symptoms can vary substantially. This can be due to an imbalance of the intestinal flora, but can also be due to the ingestion of molds from fruit, bread etc. Many different symptoms can manifest, from dry, itchy flaky skin, dandruff, thrush, athlete’s foot, coated tongue to digestive, respiratory, sinus problems, fatigue etc.

Heavy Metals: There are many different heavy metals, e.g. lead, cadmium, nickel, mercury, etc that can contaminate the body through airborne pollutants such as petrol fumes, mercury fillings, orthodontic braces, tattoos, smoking etc. Some of the symptoms associated with heavy metals can be sinus problems, migraine headaches, itchy skin, flaky skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, itchy ears, sore and itchy eyes, mouth ulcers, fatigue etc.

Bacteria: There are many different bacteria, that can cause infections and acute illness in the entire body and are generally treated with antibiotics, when necessary, but sometimes bacteria are persistent and don’t fully respond to mainstream treatment and sometimes repeated infection occurs.

Viruses: There are many different types of viruses that affect the system in various ways, e.g. the flu virus, glandular fever, mumps and measles, respiratory infections, etc. These viruses can stay in the body for months or even years.

Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal imbalances can occur at any age.

The most common disorders associated with them are:

  • PMS
  • Weight Problems
  • Loss of Short Term Memory
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Problems
  • Mood Swings

Here at the Amber Centre we concentrate on finding a solution to your Allergy problems by testing to identify:

  • Food Allergies
  • Environmental Allergies
  • Chemical Allergies
  • Mineral & Vitamin deficiencies
  • Toxins present in your body

We then advise a programme of treatment to help eliminate your toxins.

PLEASE NOTE: The test is not intended as an alternative to a medical examination but rather as a complimentary aid to health and wellbeing. We do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness. It is important that any symptoms of concern be checked by a medical practitioner before consultation.

As seen in The Sunday World Magazine Real Lives
Allergies Ireland – Case Study

  1. Know what you should eliminate from your diet
  2. Know what materials of your clothing you react to.
  3. Know what washing powders; perfumes; shampoos; etc. have a negative effect on you.
  4. We are also willing to test individual products you might bring with you, in order to establish that which you are allergic.
  5. It is suitable even for small children as the skin is not punctured and no physical reaction is experienced.

Cost: €95

The Trials and Tribulations of Allergies…

Dust mites and washing powders. Both can get up your nose, leaving you with an aggrivation of your symptoms from watery eyes to excessive sneezing to skin irritation, but, depending on the allergic reaction to a given allergen, could progress to more serious problems such as hyperventilation and anaphylactic shock. Either way, we’re all prone to intolerance’s, irritations and allergies. And whilst that runny nosed, watery eyed hay fever reaction may not be life-threatening, the arrival of high pollen counts and freshly mowed lawns can spell misery and ultimately indoors for thousands of Irish people.