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Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Unique Weight loss Plan!! Lose inches safely and permanently with our revolutionary weight loss/nutrition programme. This is the most exciting weight loss programme ever to come to Ireland! Boost your metabolism, lose cellulite, combat water retention, increase your energy levels, detox and cleanse your system. By discovering the age of your metabolism, our expert will help you understand how it affects your ability to lose weight and most importantly how to keep off that extra weight!!!

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Herbs are nature’s bounty. It is said that nature holds the answers to all ailments and all health problems. How’s that New Year weight loss plan going? Are you yo-yoing? Hungry? Feeling lethargic or have you succumbed and reached the bottom of the biscuit tin already.

Even the most dedicated person following an ideal weight loss programme can struggle to get through the day without giving-in to cravings and nagging hunger pains.

The products are specifically formulated to help you overcome the common challenges associated with dieting and to give you that lift you need, if someone told you that you could remain healthy (maintaining optimum nutrition levels), not feel hunger pangs and lose weight while still feeling good, you’d have to see it to believe it, right? Oh and you’ve heard all this before……

Let’s talk nutrition and describe a word that’s crucial in weight loss – Metabolism.

Your body needs adequate protein daily to stay strong and healthy. the shakes allows you to personalise your protein intake. By consuming the correct amount of protein for your body you can help maintain lean muscle mass which increases your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. The body functions optimally at its correct body weight, like a perfectly tuned car. Carrying excess weight creates extra work and a need for more nutrients for “Fuel and Functioning”. If the diet is poor then the 24-hour repair and replacement of body cells is impaired.

This is one of the most generous, most effective weight-control programmes you are ever going to try, and it will be the last you will ever need!

The Amber Clinic in Mullingar is no stranger to unique and diverse concepts and programmes. The difference with this Weight Control programme is in its natural approach to weight loss along with its maintenance plan giving long lasting results. Weight loss coordinator Gillian Hampton told SWM: “It’s a wonderful natural approach to weight loss. There’s no starving yourself or calorie counting and no more yo-yo dieting.” Nutritional experts concentrate on correcting nutritional intake and perfecting the balance and energy requirements of the body. When this is happening, body weight naturally and gently reduces to your ideal weight, yo-yo diets tend to starve the individual, upset the body’s systems and cause deficiency-related problems.

Understanding your metabolism is crucial to weight loss. The rate and age of your metabolism are the 2 main factors which permanently affect your ability to loose weight. The Amber Centre has a unique scales that calculates the rate and age of your metabolism. It’s a revolutionary method of tackling weight issues and we’re having extreme success here in Mullingar. The aim is through a series of nutritional products to increase the rate of metabolism and reduce its age (if you are 30 years of age and have a metabolic age of 40 you will find it much more difficult to lose weight than if you had a metabolic age of 15)

Many factors cause a slow metabolism.

  • Pregnancy (women tell us that it is so much more difficult to shift excess weight after having a baby)
  • Stress
  • Heredity
  • Age

The unique Amber scales also calculate your body mass index (the amount of fat in the body versus muscle and water-women have more body fat than men naturally). It also calculates your current hydration level, visceral fat (around midriff) and general physique.

From here on you begin a plan which introduces you to the world of herbs. You will detox, reduce fluid retention and cellulite, prevent cravings, control hunger pangs, lose inches and most importantly increase your metabolism so you won’t regain that weight again. The programme increases the rate of your metabolism thus making it harder to gain weight.

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